Vote Yes for the 2024 SPLOST

The Houston County SPLOST will be on the ballot for renewal on November 7, 2023. We hope you will vote YES to continue this program that has been community-changing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SPLOST?

A Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) is a county-wide 1% sales tax used to fund capital outlay projects proposed by the county government and participating municipal governments. It may not be used for operating expenses. The tax is imposed when the county board of commissioners calls a local referendum and the referendum is subsequently passed by the voters within the county. The tax is collected on all items subject to state sales tax.

Is a SPLOST currently being collected in Houston County?

Yes. In 2018, the voters renewed a SPLOST estimated to bring in $145 million. The SPLOST was approved to be collected for 6 years (the maximum amount of time permitted by law) and will expire September 30, 2024. Over $38,000,000 of the 2018 SPLOST was earmarked for transportation improvements and over $24,800,000 was earmarked for public safety projects. The balance of the funds was designated to public buildings, economic development, general capital obligations, debt service, recreation, and water and sewer improvements.

Do we need to extend our current SPLOST?

Houston County continues to experience growth. This growth requires new or upgraded facilities to serve the public. A SPLOST is an equitable, consumption tax shared by those who make purchases in Houston County, to include numerous visitors. It provides a method of funding the cost of capital improvements contributed to by everyone, not just property owners.

If the SPLOST is extended, how much money would be raised and how long would this sales tax be in place?

It is estimated that up to $200,000,000 could be collected over a six-year period. Collections on the 2024–2030 SPLOST would begin after the current SPLOST ends in September 2024. The collection would be seamless.

When would the SPLOST vote take place?

November 7, 2023

By placing the referendum before the voters prior to the expiration of the current SPLOST, it allows the county and cities to plan in advance for funding and allows no lapse in funding.

Will a SPLOST increase property taxes?

No. A SPLOST is a consumption tax, not a property tax. It is charged on goods purchased in Houston County, regardless of where the purchaser resides.

Will a SPLOST increase sales tax?

No. It would be a continuation of the existing sales tax, remaining at the current level of seven percent. If approved, the current one percent sales tax would be extended for another six years.

What would the County and cities do with the money raised from the SPLOST extension?

Senior staff from the County and the cities have identified the long-term capital needs for each community. These needs have been divided into countywide projects (projects that benefit all communities) and specific unincorporated/municipal projects. Generally, the cost of countywide projects has been deducted from the estimated $200,000,000 to be collected with the balance of the funds being distributed to unincorporated/municipal projects on a population basis. A proposed allocation of SPLOST funds by project type and community is outlined below.

What happens if the SPLOST is extended?

The project mix in this SPLOST includes a number of capital expenditures which have historically been paid for with property taxes. Using SPLOST proceeds, instead of property taxes, will help keep our ad valorem taxes low.

What happens if the SPLOST is not extended?

Without an extension of the current SPLOST, there would be a number of lost opportunities for the residents of Houston County and the cities of Centerville, Perry and Warner Robins. To fund these opportunities without an extension of the SPLOST, the governing body of each community would have to raise property taxes. Currently, our county taxes are among the lowest in Middle Georgia. Passage of the SPLOST extension would allow us to maintain our low county millage rate using a consumption tax, rather than relying solely on property taxes for needed community improvements.

2024 Proposed Projects at a Glance

There are many projects in the 2024 SPLOST. Here are a few of the county-wide projects we are excited about for our community.

Houston County Arts Center: $20,000,000

This will be a large, auditorium-style venue to host everything from one-act plays for the Board of Education to the latest singer-songwriter sensations who are touring. The facility will have 3,000+ seats and is a funding collaboration between the county in our SPLOST and the Board of Education in their latest ESPLOST. It will be located on Cohen Walker Dr. near the Aquatic Center.

Thompson Mill Rd. Extension: $13,900,000

This road extension begins at the current end of Thompson Mill Rd. and proceeding to intersect Ga Hwy 247 at its intersection with Piney Grove Rd. There are residential communities at the end of Thompson Mill Rd. that are currently restricted to a single road for ingress and egress to the entrance of their neighborhoods. This is a public safety and access issue we are looking forward to resolving.

Animal Shelter: $13,000,000

A new animal shelter will be constructed that will be utilized by the Cities of Warner Robins and Centerville and unincorporated residents of Houston County. This new Warner Robins Animal Shelter will be more accessible to the public and have a more adoption-friendly atmosphere.

Parks & Recreation Projects: $5,600,000

Recognizing that no park is an island and is shared by all residents of the County and many residents in our region, this project will distribute significant funds to each of the cities for significant capital investment in parks and recreation infrastructure. Warner Robins will receive $2.8M and both Centerville and Perry will receive $1.4M.

N. Houston Lake Road and Dunbar Road Improvements

This will be a combination of widening and intersection improvement along these roads.

Houston County Public Library

Houston County Public Library has locations in all three cities and uses SPLOST to fund purchase of books, technology, and assets.

St. Patrick’s Drive Extension

This will fund phase one of a project to connect St. Patrick’s Dr., North Perry Parkway, and Perimeter Rd.

Commodore Drive Design and Engineering

We will extend this road from the Davis Farm Fire Station to intersect Saddlecreek Road near US Hwy 341.

911 Dispatch Upgrades

This project will fund upgrades to the 911 Center to ensure we remain ready to serve our citizens at the highest possible level.

Jail Roof Replacement

All the municipalities and the County use the Jail and we foresee a significant capital need for a new roof in the next 5–6 years.

Allocation by Project Type
Discreet Allocation by Community
Centerville Allocation
Perry Allocation
Warner Robins Allocation
Unincorporated Houston County Allocation

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Mobile data terminals for public safety

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